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CEMCOR’s purpose is very clear to SEE - we are committed to providing quality products and solutions for our customers underpinned by an emphasis on sustainable development. Our sustainable development policy focuses on our three main priorities:

  • Society - from our employees to our local communities, people are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Environment - developing our business in a sustainable manner, focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of our products and responsible use of natural resources.

  • Economy - building our business on a strong economic foundation, allowing us to invest in improvements and new technologies while safeguarding jobs in the longer term.


With a total commitment to providing the highest quality products with the highest quality service, we are looking forward to building strong relationships with each and every customer.

Through the knowledge and experience of our people combined with the application of new technologies and innovations, we aim to be the supplier of choice for high quality construction products. Cemcor’s product range provides quality solutions for everything from major civil engineering and commercial development works to DIY and home improvement projects. Our offering doesn’t end at a physical product. Our range of products are backed up by locally available, easily obtainable expertise, technical information and customer support. At Cemcor, we thrive on solving the complex needs of our customers.

Cemcor may be a new name in the building materials market but with our operation at Cookstown Works, we have more than 50 years of experience to draw upon. Now under local ownership since January 2022 and a subsequent rebrand to Cemcor, we are totally committed to our local community, our customers and our people.

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