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At CEMCOR, we are proud to offer apprenticeships and graduate routes to employment at Cookstown Works. In conjunction with South West College, we offer craft apprenticeships in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.


Combining on-the-job training on site with off-the-job training at South West College, our apprentices are trained to the highest standards. Their academic guidance is paired with on-site mentors and supervisors to ensure each apprentice gets the most out of their experience and sets them up for a successful career.


All of our apprenticeship opportunities will be listed here. We are also developing partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities to provide short term placement and internship opportunities. These will be made available through each academic establishment.


Since joining Cemcor in 2022 I have thoroughly enjoyed the wide and varied work roles offered to me and have been able to establish myself within the company and I look forward to many years of happy service...

The best move!

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