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Aligning our goals with UN Sustainable Development goals 4, 10 & 11, we aim to make a meaningful difference to the communities and societies around us.

School and STEM Partnerships

At Cemcor, we strongly believe in the value of a quality education for all young people. Regardless of background, we are committed to building partnerships with local primary and secondary schools. Through STEM outreach, we facilitate learning opportunities for children of primary school age and up. At secondary school level, we are working closely with local schools to develop partner themes which suit the needs of the school and its pupils. By developing these links at an early stage, we look forward to supporting and developing future generations.

Local Communities Groups and Events

In addition to supporting the educational needs of the local community, we also take great pride in being involved with local community groups and organisations who help to progress the development and empowerment of our local people. To date we have developed partnerships with:


  • Mid Ulster Ladies Football Club

  • Grace Carson (5000m/10000m and cross country runner)

  • Nigel Cheevers Memorial Hockey Competition sponsorship

  • Burnavon Arts Centre sponsorship

  • The Olive Branch (Mental health charity based in Mid Ulster)

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